Medley Lodge with sanitary facilities

The Medley Lodge is an unparalleled lodge tent: a real eye-catcher. The open entrance is on the long side. Sitting on the terrace you have a beautiful view towards the bridge of Goebelsmühle. An open and welcoming look!

  • Covered veranda with furniture.
  • Three separate sleeping quarters.
  • Bathroom with toilet and shower.
  • Two box spring beds.
  • A bunk bed.
  • Kitchen equipped with kitchenware, refrigerator and sink.
  • All windows can be opened and fitted with mosquito nets.
  • Gas heater (option)

On the map it concerns lodge tent 3.

Pets allowed for a fee.

Can it be cold in the tent?
Yes, the temperature can be disappointing all year round.

Is it useful to rent a tent if I get cold quickly? No, then it is better not to rent a tent.

Is there anything I can do against the cold? Yes, you can rent a heater and bring winter clothes. However, it is no guarantee that you will no longer be cold.

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