Fellow Lodge!

The little brother of the Medley Lodge!

Provided with:

  • Double bed
  • Kitchen block with sink
  • Four burner gas hob
  • Fridge with freezer compartment
  • Covered veranda with furniture
  • All windows can be opened and fitted with mosquito nets
  • No sanitary.

Visit of the (grand) children, parents or friends? Since the Medley and Fellow are both placed at the end of our campsite, it is ideal to combine the accommodations. On the map it concerns lodge tent 4.

Pets allowed for a fee

Can it be cold in the tent?
Yes, the temperature can be disappointing all year round.

Is it useful to rent a tent if I get cold quickly? No, then it is better not to rent a tent.

Is there anything I can do against the cold? Yes, you can rent a heater and bring winter clothes. However, it is no guarantee that you will no longer be cold.

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